LiverMetsurvey Workstations technical specifications

These are the requirements to use the LiverMetSurvey site under the best conditions.


1.1 - Windows

Any recent versions from Windows 98 up.

1.2 - Linux

Any recent version, any distribution, will be supported : only the browser matters.

1.3 - Macintosh

MAC OS X is better supported than OS 9.2 or earlier. This means that if your system has both OSs, you must use OS X


2.1 - Generalities

In the most general terms, any recent, supported browser under any operating system is Ok.

2.2 - Requirements

- Javascript MUST be enabled : it allows you to login, provides security, provides on-line controls on entered data.
- To view the popup help, your browser must accept the popup windows from

If you do have to install a recent browser on Windows, we recommend Mozilla Firefox : it is free, fast, safe, light weight, easy to use and install.

It may be downloaded from

2.3 - Windows

Internet Explorer

- Internet Explorer 5.0 and later are OK.
- Internet Explorer is the only browser which allows you to use all graphic options.


- Netscape 4.7 or earlier does not work.
- Nescape 6.2 and later are OK.


- Mozilla/Firefox v.1 and later are OK.

2.4 - Macintosh


- The following browsers have all been successfully tested : Netscape 7.1, Mozilla 1.4, Firefox 0.9+.
- Safari, the official Apple browser, is supported. There is a known issue with the popup help windows.
- Please note that Microsoft having discontinued Internet Explorer support on the Mac, we regretfully must do the same

OS 8.6 to 9.2

- The best browser is Netscape 7.02 (or later).
- Internet Explorer is not supported.


LiverMetSurvey may be used with any type of Internet connection : ADSL, cable, modem, UMTS (GPRS).


4.1 - Display the pop-up help

Just let the mouse over the icons : a window will appear.
Your browser must not block pop-up windows. Look in the Security, privacy or equivalent browser settings.

4.2 - Identify your browser

You can read its name in the window top border .

To determine the version, on the same line that shows File, Edit, View, etc, you choose [Help] or [?], then  [About Internet Explorer] or [About Mozilla Firefox].

4.3 - Install Mozilla Firefox

To install Mozilla Firefox (0.9.1 or later) from Internet, go to

Choose the operating system (Download : Windows, Linux or Mac OS X).

Follow the instructions. Save the file where convenient (the desktop ?).
Double click on this file and follow the instructions.

Please note that you can import your bookmarks from other browsers.

4.4 - Install sasgraph.exe to display the graphs with the third graphic option: Activex

Only with Windows and Internet Explorer

Click on the link sasgraph.exe to download it. Then install it by following the instructions.
Only 30 seconds are necessaries and this plugin takes a very little place on your hard disk.

The graphic option activex allows you to modify the graph as you want.

5. Please DON'T !

5.1 - On a Macintosh :

Never submit the form with the ENTER Key on the Keyboard.
Never use the backspace key, as it may provoke double form submissions.

5.2 - On a Windows PC

Never use the backspace key, as it may provoke double form submissions.


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